Taipei City Ready for WTF Qualification Tournament for 2014 Nanjing YOG & 10th World Junior Championships

Taipei City, Chinese Taipei is now ready for the upcoming WTF Qualification Tournament for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games and the 10th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships.

The two WTF-promoted events will take place at the Taipei Arena in downtown Taipei City, both drawing athletes from more than 100 countries. A protector and scoring system and an instant video replay system will be used at both events. Athletes will compete for top honors on octagon-shaped mats.

A total of 90 international referees will officiate at both events. The best 20 of them will officiate at the taekwondo competition at the 2014 Nanjing YOG, which are scheduled for Aug. 17-21.

The WTF Qualification Tournament for the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, which will kick off on March 20 for a two-day run, are expected to attract a total of 366 athletes from a record 100 countries.

Through the qualification tournament, a total of 74 qualification places, 37 for males and 37 for females, will be selected. The qualification places obtained for the Youth Olympic Games will be allocated to the pertinent National Olympic Committee.

Out of a total of 100 places for the taekwondo competition at the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the host country of China automatically earned six places, three for men and three for women, and the remaining 20 are the universal places, better known as wild cards. The host country is not participating in the qualification tournament.

An NOC may enter in the qualification tournament a maximum of three male and three female athletes, with one athlete per weight category. The tournament will feature 10 weight categories, five each for men and women.

China has decided to field one female athlete each to the women's -49kg, -63kg and +63kg divisions, and one male each to the men's -63kg, -73kg and +73kg categories.

The eight best-ranked athletes in each weight category will earn their NOC a qualification place in the respective division. However, for the weight categories in which the host country uses its host city places, only the seven best-ranked athletes in this weight category will earn a qualification place for their NOC.

To compete in the qualification tournament, athletes should be born between Jan. 1, 1997 and Dec. 31, 1998. The competition duration will be one minute and 30 seconds for three rounds until the round of 32, and two-minute, three rounds from the round of 16 up to the final round.

Meanwhile a total of 780 athletes, aged 15 to 17, from a record 103 countries on an entry basis are expected to compete for top honors at the 10th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships, which are scheduled for March 23-26 at the same venue.

The previous World Junior Taekwondo Championships, which took place in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, drew 749 athletes from 88 countries.

The biennial World Junior Championships will feature 10 male and 10 female weight divisions.