Shenzhen Ready for 2nd Asia-Europe Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships

The Chinese city of Shenzhen is ready for the 2nd Asia-Europe Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships, which will take place on 17 November, 2013.
The one-day championships, which will take place at the Shenzhen Sports School Gymnasium, drew 25 athletes, including 10 females, from five Asian countries and 11 athletes from five European countries. All the invited athletes were selected by the Asia Taekwondo Union and the European Taekwondo Union.
Host China, Jordan, Korea, Thailand and Chinese Taipei sent their athletes to the intercontinental championships, while Great Britain, Italy, Russia, France and Greece dispatched their athletes.
The one-day event features both eight Olympic-weight individual and five-on-five tag-team competitions. For the individual competition, a protector and scoring system (PSS) and an instant video replay system will be used, but only the PSS will be used for the tag-match team competition. Twelve international referees will officiate at the championships.
The Olympic weight divisions for the individual competition are female -49kg, female -57kg, female -67kg and female +67kg, male -58kg, male -68kg, male -80kg and male +80kg. For the individual competition, each continent will field an athlete per weight division regardless of nationality.
For the team competition, which will be conducted in a five-on-five tag-team match format, each continent will field two male teams and one female five-member team. Each team shall not exceed their combined weight of 360kg for male and 305kg for female.
The team competition is composed of two five-minute rounds with a one-minute break. In the first five-minute round, each of the five athletes fights for one minute, while the second round is a tag-team match, in which athletes can be replaced any time after three attacks.
One point is given to the continent per each win of individual competition. Four points are given to the continent winning the first place of team competition, while three and two points are awarded to the continent winning the second and third places. Based on the total points obtained by each continent, the winning continent will be declared.
Athletes may compete both in individual and team competition.
The first Europe-Asia Intercontinental Taekwondo Championships were held in Moscow, Russia on 12 October, 2012. At the inaugural intercontinental championships, Asia beat Europe 13-3 on aggregated points.
"The one-day goodwill event features both individual and five-on-five tag-team matches, which will draw a special attention from both the global taekwondo family and international media," said WTF President Chungwon Choue.
Mr. Dai-soon Lee, president of the Asian Taekwondo Union, said "This new attempt is our challenge that aims at realizing the ideals of taekwondo, the creation of peace and prosperity on the earth, transcending the barriers of nationality, religion, gender, culture and politics. The European Taekwondo Union and the Asian Taekwondo Union are now taking a leading role to bring about this wonderful vision of the world."
Mr. Athanasios Pragalos, president of the European Taekwondo Union, said "Together with the Asian Taekwondo Union and the WTF, the ETU started to organize the intercontinental championships in 2012. This year we are warmly welcomed in China and the Chinese Taekwondo Association did an excellent job in organizing this annual event."
Mr. Li Qiang, general director of the Boxing & Taekwondo Administrative Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, said "As the member of the taekwondo family, the Chinese Taekwondo Association makes achievements with the support and help from WTF and continental unions." "There is no doubt, the friendship and cooperation of Asian and European taekwondo will be further improved via the intercontinental championships. More else, the core value of taekwondo as the global sport will be demonstrated."