• Can International Referees and Individual Dojans use the WTF logo?

    The WTF is an International Sports Federation consisting of 204 (2012) member National Associations that govern Taekwondo in their respective countries. The WTF recognizes only one governing body per country.

    The WTF name and logo are properties of the WTF; thus, the WTF is the sole proprietor of the copyrights to its name and logo.

    According to Rules and Regulations, the WTF logo can be rendered only to the national member associations. It is not allowed even to the International Referees and Individual Dojans and clubs.

  • Please tell me about the details of WTF membership fees.

    The annual membership fee for all Member National Associations is US$700. Beginning January 1st, 2006, the annual membership fee for Member National Associations varies according to the following classifications and is payable by the end of each year.

    • Tier 1: US$ 700
    • Tier 2: US$ 500
    • Tier 3: US$ 300

    Member Nations Tier Classification shall be decided every two year by the Executive Council.
    The annual membership fee for International Referees is set at US$100 for 1st class license holders; $70 for 2nd class license holders; and 50$ for P & 3rd class license holders. The annual fee must be paid by the end of each year.

    Please forward all membership fees to the following bank accounts :

    Hana Bank
    Bongeunsa-ro Branch in Seoul
    Swift code: HNBMKRSE
    World Taekwondo Federation

    When sending payments via online bank transfer, please forward written notification of same along with a copy of the remittance certificate by fax, e-mail or mail to the following:
    The postal address for the WTF is as follows:

    The World Taekwondo Federation
    4th Fl. Joyang Bld. 113,
    Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea 135-090

    Tel. 82 2 566 2505/557 5446
    Fax. 82 2 553 4728

    Contact information:
    International Affairs Division:
    intl@wtf.org(related to Member National Associations)

    International Referees Administration Division:
    referee@wtf.org (related to International Referees)

  • Are there Taekwondo products recognized by the WTF?

    Yes, the WTF has recognized Dobok (Taekwondo uniforms), protective equipment - headgear, trunk protector, forearm and shin guards and men's and women's groin guards -, mats and electronic scoreboards to standardize the Taekwondo-related products and for the safety of Taekwondo contestants. All the equipment used at the WTF official events such as uniforms, protective equipment, mats, and electronic scoreboards should be WTF-recognized products.

    Recognition on such products is granted by a contract between a company and the WTF after strict examination of the pertinent product by the WTF. Detailed information about the terms of the contract is available from the WTF at fax number 82 2 553 4728 or by e-mail at marketing@wtf.org.

  • How can one become an International Referee in Taekwondo?

    The WTF has conducted International Referee Seminar to foster International Referees to officiate international Taekwondo competitions since 1974. The WTF grants WTF International Referee qualification to those who have passed the prescribed examination at an International Referee Seminar conducted by the WTF and have registered with the WTF.
    Qualification for application to attend the IR Seminar is as follows:

    1) 25 years old or older
    2) Holder of Kukkiwon/WTF certificate of 4th Dan or higher
    3) Holder of national referee certificate issued by the pertinent member national association of the WTF
    4) One recommended by the pertinent member national association of the WTF
    5) One who has command of the oral and written English language
    6) One who has no physical defect and chronic disease

    After becoming a WTF-registered International Referee, one should attend International Referee Refresher Course conducted by the WTF, especially after amendment to the Competition Rules is made.

    Once the WTF decides to hold the IR Seminar, it sends out the related notice to pertinent Member National Associations.

  • How can a Taekwondo athlete participate in official Taekwondo competitions of the WTF?

    Qualification of the contestant in the official Taekwondo events of the WTF is as follows:

    1) Holder of the nationality of the participating team
    2) One recommended by the member national Taekwondo association of the WTF
    3) Holder of Taekwondo Dan certificate issued by the Kukkiwon, and in case of the World Junior Taekwondo Championships, holder of Kukkiwon Poom/Dan certificate aged 14 through 17 years old based on the year when the championships are held.

    * For detailed Kukkiwon Dan certification, please visit home page of the Kukkiwon, www.kukkiwon.or.kr

  • What are the official Taekwondo events of the WTF?

    There are several categories in the official events of the WTF. First one is WTF-promoted competitions such as World Taekwondo Championships ( Women's World Taekwondo Championships), World Junior Taekwondo Championships, World Taekwondo Poomsae Championships., and World Cup Taekwondo Team Championships.

    The second category includes Asian Taekwondo Championships, European Taekwondo Championships, Pan American Taekwondo Championships, African Taekwondo Championships, and Oceania Taekwondo Championships that are promoted by Continental Taekwondo Unions of the WTF in five continents. These unions have also promoted Continental Junior Taekwondo Championships.

    In the third category, there are international competitions promoted by international sport organizations like CISM (International Military Sports Council) and FISU (International University Sports Federation) and by continental or regional sport organizations. World Military Taekwondo Championships and World University Taekwondo Championships are World Championships of Taekwondo only. Taekwondo is an official program of multi-sport and continental games like Olympic Games,Universiade, Asian Games, Pan American Games, All Africa Games, East Asian Games, Southeast Asian Games, Central American Games, Central American and Caribbean Games, Bolivarian Games, Pan Arab Games, South Pacific Games, etc.

    In the fourth category, the other international Taekwondo competitions that were sanctioned by the WTF at the request of the Organizing Committee in accordance with the related rules of the WTF.

    Please see the Taekwondo Events Calendar in the WTF home page to know the official events of the WTF.

  • Can any Taekwondo practitioner or a Taekwondo Dojang be affiliated to the WTF?

    The WTF is an IF (International Federation) governing the sport of Taekwondo. It consists of national Taekwondo governing bodies recognized by the NOC of the pertinent country as its members, only one in one country or self-governing territory. Thus, individuals, Dojangs and any other Taekwondo organizations cannot become members of the WTF.